Eye surgery office Verona

Eye Surgery Office Verona

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Cataracts in Verona

Eye surgery office Verona
Eye surgery office Verona

Our total commitment to the well-being of your eyes includes vision screenings, but also a lot more than that. Our eye surgery office in Verona diagnoses, evaluates, and treats cataracts, one of the most common eye diseases, and one that can result in a gradual loss of vision to the point where your ability to live you life in a normal fashion has been compromised.

Cataracts are often associated with aging, and it is true that over half the cases are in people 65 or older. But it’s a condition that can develop at any age, and regardless of medical history, heredity, ethnicity, and other factors. There are no obvious symptoms in the early stages of cataracts. It is typically detected as part of a routine yearly eye exam, after which a prescription for special glasses or contact lenses will counteract its effects, which are blurring and clouding your vision. Over time, you may need updated prescriptions to address the progression of cataracts. And for most people, there will come a time when corrective lenses are no longer sufficient to provide you with the vision you want and need. That’s when our eye surgery office in Verona will recommend a procedure in which your eye lenses are removed and replaced with prosthetics. Cataracts cause a gradual buildup of protein on the outside of your natural lenses. The protein cannot be removed, and so the lenses have to be. Their replacements are multi-focal, so not only will you have clear vision, but you’ll also have sharp vision at all distances. It’s a simple, effective, and safe process done expertly by our eye surgery office in Verona.

Don’t settle for subpar vision. Regain your optimal eyesight and your independence. Call us to arrange an appointment for a consultation and find out if cataract surgery is the right choice for you.

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