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Cataract surgery in Belleville

Eye doctor in Belleville
Eye doctor in Belleville

Your eye health can be fragile, and anyone can come down with an eye disease or other related condition. This is why routine eye exams are so important for everyone. It is generally recommended that you see your eye doctor about once a year for checkups, but it is still vital that you see your eye doctor in the event that you begin to experience any symptoms or changes in vision. One such condition you may have are cataracts. Here at the Eye Institute of Essex our eye doctor in Belleville can provide you with the cataract care or even cataract surgery you may need to get better.

Anyone can develop an eye disease or an eye condition. There are various risk factors that people should really be aware of and should know whether they have any. It is important to know because if you are at greater risk for developing any conditions, you should likely visit your eye doctor more often in order to be more thorough when it comes to eye health screenings. This is vital because many eye conditions affect the quality of your vision and the sooner a condition is identified and treated, the more likely your vision can be preserved. Some risk factors including having diabetes, being over the age of 65, having a family medical history of a particular condition or conditions, or even having experienced sun damage to your eyes. Here at the Eye Institute of Essex, we can help you get the eye screenings that you need. When it comes to cataracts, your initial symptoms may simply manifest in the rapid change of your visual acuity. Cataracts occur when the lens of your eye thickens. As the lens gets thicker, the lens will progressively become more and more cloudy. At first. Cataract treatment includes prescribing stronger and stronger prescription lenses, but when then lens becomes too clouded our eye doctor in Belleville can then provide you with cataract surgery to remove the lens and replace it with an artificial one.

If you are at risk for developing cataracts or are experiencing troubles with your vision, then call us here at Eye Institute of Essex for the cataract treatment that you need. Our eye doctor in Belleville can perform whatever services you need, including cataract surgery.

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