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Eye Doctor in Belleville

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Dry eyes in Belleville

Eye doctor in Belleville
Eye doctor in Belleville

Dry eyes are a common condition that many people suffer from, especially in the winter. Dry eyes happens due to a number of different reasons. At the Eye Institute of Essex our eye doctor in Belleville can help you find relief from your dry eyes. Dry eyes can cause eyes to stay irritable, red and itchy all year long if they are not treated properly. It can even cause corneal damage.

Dry eyes happen due to eyes not producing enough tears, as well as weather conditions, allergies or dry climates. Dry eyes are more irritated during winter, when winds and cold can dry out tear ducts. The condition can be seasonal or chronic, and is classically defined by eyes that do not produce enough tears to keep up with evaporation. Dry eyes are also classified by low quality tears that do not lubricate the eyes. Symptoms range from itchy and irritated eyes to being bloodshot or bleary looking eyes. Treatment that our eye doctor in Belleville suggests may include prescribing over the counter eye drops, prescription medications, and avoiding exposure to allergens. If none of the treatment options work surgery or tear duct plugs can be used as a last resort.

Dry eyes can also be caused by age, gender and arthritis. If the eyes aren’t treated properly, the dry eye condition can cause damage to the cornea. For more information on dry eyes, call our eye doctor in Belleville today. We carry a wide range of eye drops, eye medication, accessories as well as eyeglasses and frames. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide what frames are right for your face, and our fully stocked optical department carries a large selection of designer and budget frames. Don’t let dry eyes take over your life, call for treatment plans today!

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