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Eye Infections in Belleville

Eye care in Belleville
Eye care in Belleville

Two of the most common eye infections are conjunctivitis and keratitis. And here at Eye Institute of Essex, our goal is to help you to prevent such problems, and to treat them promptly if they do arise. Our eye care in Belleville is more than just routine eye exams and prescribing corrective lenses. We’re also dedicated to your optical health.

Conjunctivitis is more typically known as “pink eye,” for the redness that is so often associated with it. What causes it? It can be due to either a virus or bacteria, as well as from allergens such as dust or pollen, or irritants. It is a contagious disease, but does not pose any major longterm hazards to the well-being of your eyes. In addition to redness, symptoms you may experience can include itching or burning of the eyes, blurry vision, excessive tearing, unusual sensitivity to light, and discharge that is either yellow, green, or white. If you notice any of those indications, particularly discharge, seek our our eye care in Belleville right away. Keratitis is an infection generally caused by wearing contact lenses Instead of the conjunctiva, it affects your cornea. It may also be either viral or bacterial in nature. Many of the same symptoms that are associated with conjunctivitis are also ones that could indicate keratitis. Regardless of which type of infection you have, what is vital is that you don’t ignore the problem. With a timely diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment protocol, you will be experiencing improvement quickly. In the case of conjunctivitis, the method for addressing it will depend on the root cause: bacterial, viral, allergen, or irritant. Likewise, keratitis treatment will be determined by its cause.

Call us to schedule our eye care in Belleville anytime you are noticing symptoms like the ones referenced earlier. There is no need for you to be uncomfortable any longer than you have to be because of an eye infection, and our eye doctor can take care of the problem for you effectively and safely.

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