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Cataract Surgery in Belleville

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Ophthalmology in Belleville

Cataract surgery in Belleville
Cataract surgery in Belleville

It’s generally important for individuals of all ages to see an eye doctor at least once a year for a comprehensive eye exam, regardless of their current eye health. Anyone can develop an eye disease or a vision impairment. Therefore, annual exams are highly emphasized for everyone. For individuals who may be at a greater risk of developing certain conditions however, more frequent visits are necessary. Such is the case if you are prone to developing issues like cataracts. Cataracts can interfere with your eyesight, and if they become particularly severe, then you may require surgery. For cataract care and cataract surgery in Belleville, we here at the Eye Institute of Essex can help.

Cataracts develop as the lens of the eye thickens over time. In the beginning, cataracts are generally treated much in the same way that nearsightedness is. During these earlier stages, increasingly stronger prescription lenses can help you see clearly despite your condition. As the condition worsens, however, it will become more difficult to see through your eyes’ natural lenses. As your cataracts grow thicker, you may need to consider surgery. Cataract surgery generally involves removing your natural, thickened lenses using precision laser technology, and then replacing them with artificial lenses that will provide you with crisp and clear vision once more. Cataract surgery in Belleville is not often required until the condition has grown severe enough to warrant this type of treatment, and will generally be considered once prescription lenses are no longer effective Here at the Eye Institute of Essex, our experts can help track this condition as well as make sure that you are provided with the proper treatment.

Everyone should see clearly and comfortably, which is exactly what we keep in mind here at the Eye Institute of Essex when it comes to cataract treatment and care. If you are prone to developing cataracts, or if you already have cataracts, then please feel free to call us and learn more about cataract treatment and cataract surgery in Belleville.

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