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Glaucoma in Belleville

Belleville Ophthalmology
Belleville Ophthalmology

With early detection, there is every reason to be optimistic about the results of treating glaucoma. Here at Eye Institute of Essex, we are dedicated to preventing vision loss and your eyes from undue damage. With timely attention, our Belleville ophthalmology can make that goal a reality.

Glaucoma is cause by an increase in the internal pressure of your eyes, brought on by a buildup of eye fluid. Essentially, your eyes produce fluid and then circulate it to keep your eyes properly lubricated. That fluid then drains out. It is only when more is made than is effectively drained that it leads to glaucoma. Another possible cause of this eye disease is due to an injury, such as chemical contamination or or force trauma. Even eye inflammation or an infection can be responsible. Symptoms include red eyes, pain in your eyes, halos surrounding images in your field of vision, any loss of vision, and nausea or vomiting. While any one of those signs may not be indicative of glaucoma, you should still come in for an examination by our Belleville ophthalmology. Diagnostic testing centers on tonometry, which is a method for measuring your level of internal eye pressure. It’s part of a complete checkup done to form a conclusive decision on whether glaucoma is present. The priority when it comes to treatment is to correct the fluid imbalance. This can be done either by decreasing production (with eye drops), increasing drainage (with laser treatments), or utilizing microsurgery for creating a new path for the fluid to drain. If you have suffered any optic nerve damage from glaucoma, that will also be assessed and treated appropriately.

The bottom line is that glaucoma is highly treatable, and that the testing to diagnose it is simple and non-invasive. You should have it once per year, so call us today to schedule an appointment.

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