Belleville eye exam

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There are many good reasons to take advantage of our Belleville eye exam. Among them is that here at Eye Institute of Essex, we’re dedicated to helping you maintain the highest levels of eye health possible. And if you have either type one or type two diabetes, keeping your optical well-being is more of a challenge. But fortunately, our diabetic eye examinations will reveal any indications that your disease may be having a negative effect on your eyes or your vision, even if you are not experiencing any obvious symptoms.

Belleville eye exam

Diabetes is one of those diseases that can have consequences on your entire body. It can cause nerve damage, especially in your limbs, leading to concerns about losing toes, a foot, or even an entire leg. And your eyes are not immune to the impact that diabetes can have. Serious harm can occur in your retinal blood vessels, causing them to leak blood. Your optic nerve can be at risk. And even blindness is a very real possibility if diabetic retinopathy is not detected and treated in a timely fashion. That can be done with our Belleville eye exam.

Although diabetic retinopathy forms and progresses through its early stages without any signs to alert you, our eye doctor can diagnose it anyway with our Belleville eye exam. It is, of course, best to find it before any vision loss or eye damage has had a chance to happen. You may not need any direct treatment in such an instance. Often, just our eye doctor working with you in conjunction with your primary doctor to keep your blood sugar controlled can be sufficient to manage the situation.

If our Belleville eye exam does show indications of diabetic retinopathy, and damage to your blood vessels has occurred, laser surgery may be recommended to repair them and keep blood from getting into your eyes. Our eye doctor will discuss what options are most appropriate for you depending on the stage that the disease is in at the time you are diagnosed. However, our primary goal is to prevent that from happening at all. If you have not had an eye checkup in at least a year, call us and schedule one now.